True Luck

My Website is an explanation of how my life has unfolded to the current state. It is very difficult to understand how so many complications could end up in such a mess. Somehow my family have gained access to my bank accounts. After divorce a drawn out power struggle began with my ex colluding with a person who helped start a scam that continues some 24 years later. They hack into my bank and loan accounts redirecting funds to thier account and use the funds to trade the stockmarket. By continually spreading discrediting rumours about me they are able to gain key people onside such as bank and broker employees. As I attempt to sell my house, they keep people away, have a person bid much lower then arrange a cashback deal. It is impossible to lead a normal life with the continual rumours and defenciveness about being caught.

I once had a successful business and have tried to start again recently only to find this rumour mongering has made it impossible, and of course the only way for me to progress is through trading. I do like trading though the continual defenciveness and attempts to hack into my accounts is very difficult. I have found ways to stop the hacking and am threatened on a daily basis to allow access and to keep quiet. What a struggle. After 24 years of scaming and destroying my life, my family want to claim a right to my Fathers inheritance. They were given a considerable amount yet use this as an excuse to continue, where does it all end. My family have been scaming and destroying my life with thier malicious rumours for many years, when the time arrives to give they do not understand why they do not get more. My Father left some of his inheritance to me and not to my son and daughter for a reason. They received $50,000 and yet they complain and use this to continue scaming me. In the 4 years since he died they have scamed more money than the total amount I received. This is just an excuse as they can get away with it. I intend to expose the scam. Maybe they forgot about the investment account I contributed to, for over 15 years, giving them $35,000 when they left school. Or the cars I purchesd for them when they obtained thier liscence. It is about time the truth is opened up and the rediculous lies stop

Some rumours I would like to clear up.

I am straight, and a responsible businessman. For those modern thinkers straight includes not chasing married people. I am community minded and have no need for spiteful  rumours and allegations. Recently I was accused of being with a very young girl, considering she had a 6 year old son, that was just another discreaditing lie. These rediculous personal allegations and rumours are very hurtful.

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